Its been a great year. Never thought getting a band together after so many years out of it all would be so satisfying. The rewards haven’t all been emotional though, we have made a small amount of money which has mostly gone into buying gear (and beer).

We need to get our new mixing desk up and running in the new year, so we can balance the sound through the PA, so lats week we had a practice in the rehhearsal room. We miked everything up and played around with the knobs. Its surprising how different the ambient sound in the room is different to what was picked up through the desk. After playing a few songs with what seemed like a horrendous balance, we laid down 7 tracks live!! Some of them turned out pretty good, others had glaring tuning or bum note errors, but they have been committed to CD for posterity as our first recording, notionally labeled, “A Shot In The Dark” (See what we’ve done there?)

It would have been in the shops for Xmas if my old mate Roger had agreed to the marketing deal I offered his company. Ageists.

Some of the tracks might appear on the website for downloads, or at least in playable form, and I’m sure there’ll be many more appearing over the coming months.

Hope to see as many of our fans at The Sportsman on Saturday for the Xmas gig.

Merry Christmas to you all!!



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